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You have read all the Business Tech and IOL Articles, the Facebook comments, listened to the podcasts, heard what SARS is up to and now you are just plain scared. Things just got a whole lot more REAL.

Trust Worthy

We understand that we are foremost the makers of peaceful sleep. The only email in your inbox should be from us, and the only text from SARS, a confirmation.


With over three decades of working with SARS on a daily basis and ever changing tax laws a part of our diet, we are perfectly equipped to help you with any TAX problem you may have.


We are confidential, ethical and knowledgeable. We aim to make doing business with us easy, uncomplicated and a pleasurable experience. We believe that TAX doesn’t have to be HARD.

What we Do

Individual & Corporate TAXation Services

Individual & Corporate Tax

South African Tax Laws are to a greater extent entrenched in common law and therefore each case would be treated on its own merit and there is no one size fit’s all approach. We have the experience to know how to…

Tax Planning

In Today’s times, it has become impossible to create sustainable wealth without considering the tax erosion of those plans. We are of invaluable help to our clients in this area as we have the expertise in where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

TAX Consulting

Sometimes all that is needed is clarity. TAX terms can be confusing, TAX law needs explanation, and Interpretation Notes need confirmation. Our Consulting service for is an online service.

Resources & Information

Useful Resources and Information to help you with crucial decisions  

Travel Allowances

Is your current travel allowance too much, too little or just right? Should you cancel it? What would the implications be if you did?

Renting Your property?

What are the tax implications of renting a property you own? Should you pay off the home loan? What are all the things you can claim?

Medical Disability Claims

An area of tax that is most misunderstood, and as a result the tax claims most underutilized. We can be of great help in these kinds of claims.

When things go wrong

Disputes are a complex matter and we have years of experience in verifying if a tax return is correctly assessed and what the correct procedure is to follow if the return is not correct. 

“I trust their understanding of tax better than anyone else. They also exemplify customer service and feedback”


“I have used them for many years and they are efficient and provide a fantastic service, highly reccomended”


“They know more about tax than anyone I have ever come across and they are nice people to deal with”


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